Kindee of the Month: Talyn Khanbabyan of @lovegoneglobal

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Have you ever encountered a lovebomb? As creator of Lovegoneglobal, Talyn Khanbabyan (originally from Los Angeles but now living in San Diego), has started a love it forward movement where she creates note cards, which she calls lovebombs, and leaves them for strangers to let them know they are loved, that they matter, and that they are not alone. Once they find a lovebomb, they are to pass them on to someone else to keep the love moving. Beautiful concept, right? How did she come up with it? ?It was just a vision I had to spread the love and connect people around the world,? Talyn said. ?I get tagged on Instagram when they are found and receive the most beautiful messages of gratitude.? If you want to get involved with Lovegoneglobal, follow her on Instagram and order lovebombs and spread the love!

A lovebomb!

Talyn Khanbabyan of @lovegoneglobal

Kindness Karma: How do you come up with the messages you spread? Any tips on how people can create similar messages for their loves ones?

Talyn Khanbabyan: I think I just intuitively decided on what someone would want to hear if they were having a bad day or feeling alone. If you want to create messages for a specific person, you can never go wrong with just reminding them of their gifts, what you see in them, and how they light you up.


KK: What does kindness mean to you and how does it play into your project?

TK: Kindness means BE-ing love. It takes that love into the physical and creates actual energetic changes in your community, and then the world, because we are all connected. It plays into Lovegoneglobal by having a huge ripple effect. One person finds a lovebomb, it brightens their day and changes their entire energetic makeup and how they will interact with others the rest of the day. Then that love gets passed on to whomever finds that same note, wherever they decide to leave it next, and will affect all of the people they come into contact with as well, and so on, and so on.


KK: What are some easy ways people can perform everyday acts of kindness?

TK: Leave a little note for someone where they least expect it. Send a text to someone just to say hi, I think you?re amazing. Compliment someone. Always smile at strangers. I?ve had people stop me on the street to tell me my smile made their day and I never knew it was that powerful.


KK: Do most people you meet exude kindness? Any examples come to mind of a kind encounter you’ve recently had? ?

TK: When I was traveling abroad earlier this year, I talked to a lot of tourists from other countries. I told them that I was out to spread the love to as many countries as possible and they were all so enthusiastic about it and couldn?t wait to take some lovebombs back to their country. Their excitement about my vision was the biggest kindness I could receive and we are up to 24 countries because of everyone?s love for kindness!


KK: Any advice on how those that aren?t people people can learn to become more kind and open to those around them?

TK: You don?t have to be a people person to be kind! You don?t need to even talk to anyone, honestly. Your energy is what people feel the most, not the words coming out of your mouth. You can hold the space of love in a room without saying a word. However, if you are struggling with kindness, start with gratitude for everything around you. It will always shift your energy.

KK: Complete this sentence: Kindness is?

TK: Love in Action

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